GSBF Convention XXXIII


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Fresno, CA
I was most elated having an inside track to the convention when hearing of the new headliners for next year. It is now open to the public and I can hardly wait for next November and these "New Faces of Bonsai"

Michael Hagadorn, Ryan Neil, and Peter Warren. Fresh faces, fresh from Japan and ready to tear it up in America. All three under one roof, what an experience this will be. Be there or be square.

Giving you plenty of time to save up for this one....

See you there...Al
Thanks for the heads-up, Al. I'll start banking my pennies now. Admittedly, I have been too cheap to attend a convention, but I think I'm at a point in my bonsai activities, I need to fish or cut bait... and $99 bucks a night seems a reasonable room rate.
Damn, Al... and is this gonna be up in Sacramento?

Santa Clara...clean the dried turkey gravy off your computer screen:D

Just up the street from Marriot Great America
What a let down it must be when someone like Neil comes back to reality and Mrs. Smith shows up with her Depot juniper for a styling session. Talk about Dale Carnegie and little white lie time. Wow, I don't now how they do it? They will soon find out they will be as famous as the material they work on. Kimura for 5 years is a no brainer...great, but now it's time for stick magic in the States.


its good to know you aren't cynical about the whole thing
To tell you the truth, Neil is still learning his ropes, if I am going to sit and listen to a lexture I want Kimura, someone that has the complete story.


Do me a favor....don't go. I would wait for Kimura if I was you.
What's with the cynicism? :D:rolleyes:

This is not a "stick in a pot" event. I don't think that audience will show up to this. Anyone who is not familiar with bonsai won't know what the heck is being talked about in this ad--(which, by the way, is very well done--the "Shin Hanga" print image is particularly good, as well, look up "shin hanga" on wikipedia ;-))...

I'd be there in a minute if I weren't on the East Coast
Ang3l and I are soooooo going. We're making a long vacation out of it... it's going to be a blast. The vendor area, display, and generally everything at the GSBF con is first rate. Loved going this last year... gotta see if we can find a decent margarita. ;)

As to Ryan, sure he's young and new... but talent is talent, and he has that... 6 years of studying some of the best trees in the world, and working hand in hand with Kimura means he's light years ahead of most people who've been toiling away at it for 3 times as long or even better. So to discount him is less than wise, especially on that ground. The only thing to wonder about may be his showmanship, because that is part of it... being an engaging speaker. If he's no good at that, it'll slow him down... but his experiance is more than enough to warrant respect. From what I've read of him, I don't imagine that will be a problem.

Think about the last 6 years of your own life, and see if it's no small span of time... it's a lot to give up unless what you are giving that time to is your passion. I'm always fascinated by what people are passionate about... so for my part, I am very much looking forward to his demo.

Kindest regards,

I was tempted to respond... even wrote out a bunch of words you would have enjoyed toying with. But you are obviously trolling and my husband gets after me for feeding trolls.


Ryan is a rookie and should have to pledge, go through some kind of intiation. I would have six people in the front row bring some juniper twigs. When Ryan starts to wire Mrs. Smith's prize stock plant, have the front row break juniper branches in tense moments. When Ryan get a little un-nerved, have the back row commence with a mortar barrage of spitwads. Don't forget to glue his coke can to the table and a few tools also.



You have no clue as to what is about to happen to American bonsai....and no clue about Ryan, his education, his abilities or what material he will be working on. No clue my friend.
I had typed up a big response I was going to pm you, but think as Mrs. Vic does that you are trolling for a negative discussion about this.

I have said what I will on this, but wait for 5 years and you will be eating your words, I promise!

I pity the British Guy,there will be this strange accent from an empty room.

Maybe not all empty as there will be a little old lady,his mother,knitting a jumper or something.
I pity the British Guy,there will be this strange accent from an empty room.

No need to pity the British Guy. He is a top notch master, and has studied with one of the world's best masters. His ability to express himself is outstanding. He alone is worth the price of admission. Add on the other 2 masters, and you may well have one of the best programs ever put on in United States bonsai. There will be no "strange accent from an empty room".
Check Peter Warren's article on the AOB website.

Actually I saw the thread slowly dwindling away so I researched it a little and read about some of the people and wanted to here a little more about it. I made a response based on what I saw and read. So far no one has invited me to stay with them but what is a clueless troll to expect?


Ok, I'll bite, anyone who has studied under Kimura has talent, I would turn him loose on any of my trees, but I already have a Kimura student and he does everthing I could want. I'm sure there are a lot of talented artists and masters in bonsai in the USA, but I like the traditional Japanese impression of bonsai, so I will keep my master as long as I can appreciate bonsai.

keep it green,
You gotta know it's the word Master that is a bit strange,it never fails to raise the theatre of the absurd.

This thread is becoming "theatre of the absurd"

BTW, I know a master when I see one.
I wouldn't miss it. Gonna be a longer drive this year though :) May have to stay overnight and join the carousing Margarita crowd :)
This thread is becoming "theatre of the absurd"

BTW, I know a master when I see one.

I know a master's work when I see it !!

keep it green,
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It is going to be very interesting. I will be there, as always.

(I suppose these young guys are also much this tough economy, it helps. We can't afford Kimura anymore.)
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