Has anyone had success with airlayering or ground layering or applying tourniquet on English oak?


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England (UK)
Im wanting to improve the nebari on an oak- Quercus robur by layering at the base and wondered if this can be done?- any advice or tips please?
The tree is about 3 inches in diameter at the base.


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How did it go??? I'm new to the group I love air rooting and grafting and basically turning trees into Frankenstein. Lol
I'm not too nutty, but totally enthralled with what you can do.


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London, England
ive seen the question pop up a few times and not many if any have ground layered an oak. the article on bonsai4me says they are difficult to layer http://www.bonsai4me.com/SpeciesGuide/Quercus.html

maybe you could try one and document the results here for others?
i have a couple of oaks in growing beds, they already had fairly decent nebari when i purchased, its important to start out with a decent nebari.

btw the tourniquet method is a little outdated, sometimes it works and other times it fails. have you seen it done successfully somewhere else?

ps ive just seen that this was a rebump, the original poster hasnt returned since starting the thread back in apr🤔


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England (UK)
I started my attempt at air layer on my Quercus robur in June but haven't disturbed the pot or tried to check inside it yet. No sign of roots emerging through the bottom of the pot yet so Im being patient this time!!The foliage above the layering point showed no signs of wilting or stress despite some extremely hot weather in the summer , so theres room for optimism! Ive attached photo of the Oak before layering 2019-04-08 08.33.31.jpg
I also airlayered Pyracanthas and evergreen Berberis darwinii the same week and they have ALL rooted brilliantly so I separated them back in August!


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SF Bay area
I have a couple Q. Lobata that I am going to try to air layer as well as tourniquet this upcoming year to see what happens. Both are extremely vigorous.


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England (UK)
A quick update:- The Oak is still alive and looking quite healthy- just came into leaf 2 weeks ago.
I had pIMG_0876.JPGartial success with the original air layer:- as you IMG_0874.JPGIMG_0876.JPGIMG_0874.JPGcan see roots have formed but unfortunately the trees has also partially callused and bridged the gaps.
Also I found 3 large slugs inside the original airlayer wrapping which cannot have helped the emerging roots.I dont know how they got in!
I have now recut the 'bridging' cambial layers between the new roots , dusted the upper cuts with hormone rooting powder and re- potted/ wrapped the air layer with a mix of akadama and compost.
Hopefully the tree will now produce a second crop of ymore roots.
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