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Eugene, Oregon
Hi! I'm new to Bonsai and here to absorb all I can about these little trees. So far, I have 2 Hokkaido Elms from nursery stock, corokia cotoneaster nursery stock, and a japanese boxwood that I made into a cute mame style bonsai. I use an inorganic soil substrate that works pretty good for me. It is simply diotomacious earth in granule form. It's also used to absorb oil spills in garages. It's from Napa Auto Parts. called "Super Absorb". Read about it online, some other bonsai clubs are using it exclusively with great results. So far I haven't killed my Hokkaido ELms, and am trying to get them to propagate for me. I've taken some cuttings and put them in a little greenhouse and so far they are still alive (about 4 weeks ago).

Both the Hokkaido Elms from the nursery have fat trunks, about 1.5" or so. I repotted one in a bonsai pot, and the other is still in the nursery pot. The first one in the bonsai pot is doing really well. I see a lot of new growth. I just bought the second one recently, so as soon as I find a big enough pot, I'll probably re-pot it as well.

Here is a link to see my humble little trees. Any suggestions are welcome! http://gallery.me.com/amyhisaoka/100147
You have a good start from what I see.

me I have a gardinia, and working on three english boxwoods.
Welcome. Looks like you have a real good start toward a fine collection.:)
Hisaoka, I like the box. Are you going to start airlayering on that Maple?

Cambi, what is your Gardenia like? How long have you had it?

I've been working on a yardadori gardenia for over 2 years now, and I'm always interested to see others.
Those are some nice trees, Hisaoka. The box shows a lot of promise, and I think the two Hokkaido elms are pretty nice for a rather difficult tree. You're off to a good start.
Thanks for the nice compliments. I would like to air layer my maple, just trying to figure out a good branch... I got a second box (not in picture) and left it more of a mushroom style. Waiting for that perfect apex, needs some more growth on the top. It's more of a Mame size. I went crazy and bought a few more trees from nursery stock. I'll post pictures when I can. Mugho Pine, Hinoki Cypress, Dwarf Pomegranate... I'm going bonsai crazy! I'll be attending a local bonsai club meeting for the first time on Sept 3rd.
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