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Hello everyone,

I've been reading through things on the forums for a little while now. Figured it was time to Join. I'm from the United States In Moline, IL. Wanted to get into into bonsai for a long time. Coming from background with an Okinawan martial arts style called Shorei-Ryu that I have been doing sense I was 11. being 30 now time to get started on some bonsai.

I started with a normal Lowes find. I think I might have taken it from another Person that wanted it for bonsai It was hidden behind a bunch of Dogwoods.

Here is the tree when I bought it in April and the partial styling I did on it. Not going to repot tell next year. Had a Pretty bad bulge about 1/3 up. 7 from one nod, missed that in my inspection of it. Was to excited to get it home. Hahaha

Left is the new tree on 4/21/21 styled it over like 6 day hour every night a 1 am lol. Right is just as of 5/07/21 right after I pinched the buds off.


Just Plucked all the first flush. Second Flush Is Coming out with some backbuding. Will let it grow tell August and trim things back. I'm I correct in doing that?

Here is the best picture of it now with my little maples in my garden as of this morning 5/30/21.

I also have a couple some maples I found growing in the yard I'll post more about those in time. Would really like the input on the spruce. Seeing it just wont grow so easily as the maples do.

Any tips or good reads for my Black Hills Spruce let me know.

Thanks, You'll be seeing me around,

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