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Hi Bonsai fellowship,

Can someone please identify what these guys are?

I bought them a couple weeks ago from a local nursery, both were sold to me as “Cypress”, but everyone calls cypress to scale conifers and pines to needle conifers, so that didn´t help at all.

I think the first one is a Juniperus procumbens, but I´m clueless about the other one. It has short-needle-type foliage, but is much softer than that of Junipers, so I don´t know.

And the last one, I think it´s a Eucalyptus, but don´t know the species.

Help please!!



  • Conifer 1.JPG
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    Conifer 2.JPG
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    Cypress 2.JPG
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The rest of the pictures, Eucalyptus


  • Eucalyptus 1.JPG
    Eucalyptus 1.JPG
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  • Eucalyptus 2.JPG
    Eucalyptus 2.JPG
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2nd tree looks to me to be a Cryptomeria (probably C. japonica). Last tree doesn't look like a eucalyptus to me - but I don't know what it is...
Hi bonsainut,

You are the third person that says that could be a japanese cedar, I´m very happy, also you are the third person that tell me that isn´t a Eucalyptus, now I think that could be a Corymbia citriodora or a Corymbia ficifolia, they belong to he same family Mirtaceae.

Thank you.

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