Help me find a bonsai merchant in Idaho Falls/West Yellowstone - Specifically.


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Godfrey, IL
My father invited me to go on a trip out west for his birthday. We will be staying in West Yellowstone, Montana and Idaho Falls, Idaho.
I have always wanted to show my dad some of the beauty of bonsai so that he understands it more. Unfortunately I don't have anything in my collection that would really get the average Joe to take a liking to bonsai. With that being said, he told me he would visit a bonsai shop if there was one while we were out there. We will be able to drive around the surrounding areas but I would say anything more than a 2 hour drive from those locations is not going to cut it.
Of course, I would like to purchase a bonsai while out there. I scratch my bonsai itch and my dad thinks I am less weird. Two birds, one stone. Someone help me out. Thanks a ton.
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