Heres a funny one... to show bonsai on first date or not? That is the question.


Make your life easy... find out if she think's it's cool or not right off the bat... or it'll never work. :p Otherwise she'll just become jealous of the amount of time you lavish on them, which will manifest itself as resistance to spending money on

Plus women worth having appreciate a man who can nurture something besides themselves. ;)

Bonsai would be Ok.....

I would keep the action figures in a closet untill at least your third year of marriage;)
only if its by the nightstand.

Silly Reddog... she will know that you are a wanna be as you are keeping your "bonsai" inside. If it is on your nightstand you likely just bought it at Wal-mart complete with glued on rocks.

No, if she wanted a guy that is a shallow phony, she could find that anywhere.

So yes show her your bonsai
Understanding the term "Bonsai Widow" should be part of the pre-screening process.
If I ever get a first date, I'll let you know.

PS I'm not likely to get a first date anytime soon since I've been married 30 years.
Hey Reddog, NEVER by the nightstand!

I did that once, and when asked about my "stick in the pot"..........well.......she wasn't looking at the tree..................
I've crusied a few vendor areas at bonsai shows, Not a good place to pick up chicks.
That's a really funny question. I would show on the first date fo show.
Hahaa if you have her showing up at your house on the first date, I would think all the rules and limitation's are already out the window...

She's obviously not the kind of person to be judgemental...

My Wife and I had our first date at my house because I didn't have a sitter for my son and daughter. Of course they showed her my tree's and told her all about my obsession. I cringed a couple of times. But she's still with me 4 years later and my collection has grown in size and most importantly quality. I have to thank the first date for that...

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