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Western Massachusetts
Ran across this today, see any problems.

12yr Redwood bonsai tree.
Tree: Redwood Age: Approx 12yrs old Height: 14 inches if not taller Location: Indoors ... More Info

Price: $79.95

can be purchased at a featured sponser at the BT home page - no they are still down.
redwood indoor.......................i don't think so......
All of the junipers I saw there said "Near a window indoors, or outside", quality advise INDEED.
The trees at that site look to be pretty much "mallsai" and are priced like mallsai-as in big markup, mediocre quality. Coupled with the pretty inept care instructions, I'd say you can probably do better elsewhere.
Redwood trees are not indoor trees. Redwoods are difficult trees for ANY bonsai enthusiast - and many think they do not make good trees unless they are very large. This is due to their aggressive growth habit and long compound branch structure.
All replies are basically what I thought after looking around a bit.

I did contact the owner I believe, and he seemed to be surprised at the "errors" I pointed out and said he would get his web mngr on the fixes right away. It was Junipers as well as the redwoods they had set as indoor trees, the end of his e-mail he even said -Reality is there are no indoor trees. Hopefully it will be fixed and people won't be here a Bnut asking why thier baby bonsai is turning brown and crunchy.;)

So as I posted the roast; I will say that if they fix some problems with some of the info posted, they would be at least a retailer with decent ethics.

I should have waited to see if I heard back from them, before posting this thread, so I will give all of you an, I goofed a bit, I should have known better, :eek: and it won't happen again.
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