Honeysuckle Blooming

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Piedmont NC
I was inspired by the Nick Lenz book, "Bonsai From The Wild" to harvest this Honeysuckle last Spring to see what could be done with it.

It has gotten along quite well going directly into the pot from the wild. The blooms won't last very long, a week or two at the most and they will all have opened and dropped.

For scale reference the pot is 7" high X 7 1/2" wide. The main trunk stands 9" from the soil level and is 2" wide at the soil level.

After the blooms drop I may cut back some of the canes to see if I can encourage more branching. Although if I leave it alone I may get the berries that form later on in the summer.

Anyone else worked with Honeysuckle and can provide any guidance or suggestions as to how to maintain?


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