Hornbeam problem


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Chicago area
I have 2 Korean Hornbeams. One is a forest of 7 trees that I got in April or May, the other a single specimen that I got in June. Both are from the same nursery. The owner (a bonsai enthusiast) put the forest together last year and also acquired the single speciment last year. Both seem to be in the same soil mixture.

The leaves on most of the trees in the forest have dark spots on them that appear anywhere on a leaf. The tree does loose some leaves from time to time, just sort of curling up and falling off. Some turn yellow prior to curling up. The single specimen seems to be just fine. I don't think its lost more than a couple leaves all summer. They are usually kept next to each other and are treated equally. I did apply some black spot spray to the forest a couple of times within the last few weeks but I can't say it has helped (it hasn't hurt either from what I can see).

Has anyone with hornbeam experienced this? I have tried to photograph the spots but for some reason I can't get enough contrast in the photo. Any advise would be appreciated.
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