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BonsaiNut is always looking for bonsai to share with its members. In order for a bonsai to be chosen for Bonsai of the Month, it will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1) Horticultural Aspects (including species, health and general quality of care)
2) Aesthetic Aspects (including general appearance, style, silouette, container & accessories)
3) History (bonsai with interesting histories or stories will sometimes be featured that might be lacking in other technical areas)
4) Availability of Materials (bonsai with historical photos, technique photos, tutorial examples, etc, will be prioritized over bonsai without these materials)

If chosen, we will contact the bonsai owner and ask if they would be willing to provide an article for BonsaiNut. General outline will include:

1) History of the bonsai (original source, evolution while in the owner's possession, etc)
2) Species and general species care
3) Training / pruning for this specific tree (including commentary on style)
4) Description of pot & accessories

Beyond this general outline, people can add other information they feel would be interesting / relevant. Let the nominations begin!
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