How to care your maiden grass miscanthus


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If you are growing maiden grass misacnthus in your landscape, you should be very much careful in treating the plant. Make sure you have the right information on how to take care of the plant. In late winter or early spring you may cut the foliage down to ground level so that you could make sure that you could make room for the new shoots. Many experts have suggested the home owners to leave the dead grass stalks to wave in the breeze during winter so that the gardeners could accomplish two things. Firstly, they will serve as a sort of mulch to protect the living parts of the plant underground. Also, there is another advantage that they can make for some nice winter scenes especially after a snowfall. In the US in many states this plant is considered to be an invasive plant. Also the forest service recommends spraying with glyphosate like roundup in order to eradicate this plant. This plant spreads via rhizomes.
You could make use of maiden grass miscanthus in the back rows of flower beds to serve as a light colored backdrop for black flowers and other dark plants because this plant is a tall type. Also, you could use this plant as a focal point, surrounded by smaller plants. It is sure that its fine plant texture provides a nice contrast to plants with a coarse texture. Also, you could consider using it around water features because it prefers moist soil.

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