I finally got a few out of the fire...for sale


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Merced, CA
Well, the firing turned out ok, these are cone 6 high fire. These are simply slab built without the aid of templates. The oval, round and rectangle all have the same blue high fire glaze. I've not made pots for over thirty years so these are my first and a bunch coming...and larger up to 12" or so at the moment. The three are all in the 6" range, with the round one having an upper lip of that dimension as well. The rectangle is a tiny bit wonkie meaning it will 'rock' about a millimeter or so on the bench. Not a big deal but wanted you to know. You can see my name in Japanese as I met a fellow in NYC at the 1964 worlds fair who was kind enough to write my name in kanji for me. It is not a perfect translation but suffices to become my 'chop' as pots from 30yrs back (mostly in the Midwest as I have only two that had trees so I sold off the others long ago) will be the same chop. Will auction them as others do. I'll include the shipping at my cost (probably each one in $12.99 the USPS priority insured area). So when you're 'bidding' mention if it is blue oval, blue round, or blue rectangle. All starting at $30.00 each.


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