Identifying JBP Pathogen


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I have upwards of 50 jbp in various stages of development. I decided to add some commercial, fast-release, granular fertilizer to most of them. In the past, I've had issues with scale and needle cast. This spring I've been spraying with copper and Daconil. I've also been spraying with a mixture of oil/dish soap/alcohol for the scale.
Of all my jbps, about 10% look like this. I can't find any insects crawling around. At first, the candles droop over. The new needles are affected. thumbnail.jpg pine3.jpeg

Is there any correlation to repots? I lost a lot of young JBP when I repotted too late with emerging candles and they drooped and died. I am losing my 6yr JBP contest tree that was hard root cut and repotted in Dec. and over wintered under lights in the garage. It pushed growth and looked good, but when putting it outside (5 months later) after a few weeks the new growth browned and death proceeded back down the branch. I’m assuming a root issue and watering.

Your 1st pic with the long candle, looks like damage to only one side (so far). Could this phytotoxicity to sprays and sun? Are you mixing copper and Daconil or alternating? What type of oil? Some of the older, heavier oils can damage leaf/needle cuticles.

The 2nd nursery can tree, could it be root issue after repot or staying too wet? The needles do not appear discolored from fungus and I thought my past fungal issues start with banding, splotchy fungal damage or needle tip death before progressing to whole needle.

The last pic looks like it’s in the ground, so I wouldn’t think overwatering is an issue. But the light green color at the base of the needles on the lower left side looks like staying too wet to me.

Let’s see if we can get more knowledgeable pine growers to weigh in.
I assume the bark nuggets are a top dressing and not representative of the soil itself. The second photo looks like a root issue, or maybe the combo of dish soap and alcohol led to desiccation. You may be dumping too much chemical on these trees.

I have found that daconil seems to stunt the growth of trees, and I have had better results against needle cast and fungal issues using Mancozeb.
I was alternating copper and Daconil every 10 days. Maybe I added too much alcohol/soap/oil to my scale spray. I also considered the possibility of fertilizer burn. My soil mix is almost entirely organic with some pearlite. Most of my jbps in the same mix are doing fine and showing vigorous growth.

The needles don't show banding like with most pine fungi with which I'm familiar. Death seems to happen only on new growth and from the tips downward. I was considering Diplodia tip blight. I figured that my antifungal treatments this spring would have taken care of that? What about pine wilt nematodes?
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