Japanese Maple Grove

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Los Angeles, CA
I repotted this Japanese Maple grove today

220209 AP Grove 1.jpg

It's been in this basket for a year or two. These trees were all potted together in a 12" bulb pan when I bought them three or four years ago, and I separated, repotted, and planted them in their current configuration. I knew I wanted to get these repotted this year and figured I still had a month or so to get to it, but when I was watering this morning I saw one of the trees had already burst buds so I wanted to get to it ASAP.

220209 AP Grove 2.jpg

Got the trees out of the pot, roots held the soil in a pretty neat brick. Here's the unpotted rootball sitting on top of the pot I'm going to put the trees in

220209 AP Grove 3.jpg

And the 'finished' product

220209 AP Grove 4.jpg

It wouldn't be a SilverShoe repot unless I borked the planting angle at least a little bit, and this one holds true to that. The right side of the planting is a little congested, I think the whole thing needs to be rotated counterclockwise just a little bit, which should open it up nicely. I'll take care of that at the next repot (next year?), and maybe add a tree or three at the same time to make it an odd-numbered composition.


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