Japanese Red Pine......


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I've been collecting bonsai for about ten years, I don't grow or style, I buy material and rely on Marco to do that for me once a year, but I am resopnsible to maintain, repot, pluck needles and decandle my pines, and keep my trees healthy. My entire collection consist of conifers(24). My favorite trees are Itowgawas. I have several JBPs that thrive here in my hellish climate. I've tried twice to keep JWPs with no luck, to hot. I have lusted after a JRP for about five years not having any luck finding one that suits my taste. Good ones are fairly rare, seldom for sale and usually out of my price range. Sean Kelly at Riverbay Bonsai contacted me a week ago and said he had one for sale and would I be interested in seeing some pictures, I said do you have to ask. JRP are much slower growers than JBP, but require much the same care. It didn't take me long to pull the trigger on Sean's tree. It is of course a yamadori and who knows how old, but old. Mother Nature provided a great start, now Marco will perform his magic on it in two weeks and it should turn out to be a nice tree.



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Thats a beatiful tree, Harry. Very nice. andy
Niceeeee tree Harry!
This tree has an exquisite trunk.

Good potential for a masterpiece in the hands of Marco. The biggest question in my mind: what is the best pot choice, to bring the full potential out of this tree?

Here is the challenge: this is a semi-cascade with a literati feel. Cascade requires a deeper pot, literati wants a shallow one.
Or...with some work, it can cease to be a semi-cascade completely, and becomes a literati with a sharp bend. All these options may require different pot styles. Very interesting and could be quite controversial.
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Very nice Harry! I got a nice red pine from Muranaka about 2 weeks ago. I just havent figured out how to post pictures. The needles are softer and more refined than a JBP-one has to feel it to know the difference.
Is this one still around? Alive and well I hope :confused:

Awesome red pine!
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