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I'm not a very good photographer, must be the camera. I bought this pine from Gregory Beach Bonsai and I thought it needed a nice stand for our club's display. I contacted my friend Greg and ask him to custom build one for me. I have several of his stands and they are magnificent quality, he doesn't take very long and his prices are reasonable. He ask me to take a picture of the tree on the stand for his catalog and I said I would, but to not expect a pro looking picture, this is the best I could do, I hope it works for him. I thought I would take a chance and post them here for JBP lovers like me to hopefully enjoy. Oh yeah, the stand is 7" square and the tree is 14" wide.




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The stand looks too delicate to me. Or just too tall. I don't know anything at all about stands though so take it for what it's worth. On the bright side I didn't even notice the stand for quite a while since I was too busy staring at the tree which is wondiferous. I like your shot of the tree better, it opens the tree up quite a bit.
Very nice Harry! That is a tree I would like to move up to someday. Lack of a Coke can is the only demerit or you would have a perfect 10.
So, you have that tree Harry! I still look at it on the website and covet. It is still posted with a big, fat SOLD on it.
The stand looks too delicate to me. Or just too tall.

I love the tree. I love the stand. I don't think they work together however. The tree is just barely a semi-cascade and the stand would be better suited for a full cascade with a primary branch hanging way below the pot. Check out this virtual - same stand, different dimensions. I think you need something shorter, heavier, and wider. (Feel free to disagree :) )


As you know...love the tree, would like a shorter stand. Love the quilt. Was it hand stitched? Does your wife know you used it for a back drop?

How about if I put this one on the stand.



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So your the one who bought that tree. Nice pine!

Since you shared on of Don's trees and you know I bought the other JPB Shohin Cascade thought you'd like to see my Easter present. A Shohin Pinus thunbergii, var corticosa- 'Nishiki matsu'. It arrived friday night and I repotted it sat. morning. It is in an Erin pot. I know should have been moved a little to the left. But after all I am new. I'll correct next spring. Happy Easter! JRob

How about if I put this one on the stand.

I think the challenge you will have with either of these trees and that stand is that both trees are heavy black pines. It is rare to see black pine cascades because it is difficult to balance the strength of the branches - especially on a long cascade branch when all the pine wants to do is grow up. Because of the heavy nature of the trees, you will need a heavy pot, and therefore a heavy stand. (By heavy, I mean visually heavy - not anything to do with weight). That stand would work better for a more delicate cascade like an azalea or a wisteria, or even a small shimpaku. For your tree you need something like this (from Art of Bonsai.org)

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