Jim Barrett Workshop & Critique/Discussion

Bill S

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Western Massachusetts
Our club the Bonsai Society of Greater Springfield had a visit yesterday by Jim Barrett of California and GSBF fame.

I couldn't make the afternoon workshop, but the reports from those that did seemed pretty happy with Jims assistance and guidence.

The evening session was informative from a bunch of angles. Jim did critiques on a bunch of our trees, based on progression, styling, pot choices, and planting. All the while discussing different aspects bonsai using the trees presented. I think we all left with a better view of bonsai styling, pots and planting.

If I can get some pix resized for uploading I will get my trees into this thread, I was fortunately able to have Jim talk about 3 of my trees, and I must say I was pleased with what he had to say.

Our club has taken to getting more than the typical demo from traveling artists, not that demo's are a bad thing, but adding in some lectureing and critiques, has been a good step in our education.

Several of us had recently work w/ Suthin, and in speaking with him may start a study group w/ him at his place, and have already started to do a more casual format within the club by meeting at club members homes and discussing and working on our trees.

Fall is right upon us, don't forget all the fall activities that need to be done, it's an important time before ole man winter kicks in.

Life is good.
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