Juniper Rigida


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Hi all

Today was the open day for this years imported trees at my tutors nursery, it was a early start up at 4.30am!
After a two hour drive we was at the nursery, first there :)
On the way I said to my friend I would love either a yew or needle juniper.
As I know the Rigida have to spend a few months in quarantine I headed straight to the poly tunnel, I was the first one in !!
I fell for this Rigida instantly and decided to tie my ribbon around the tree instantly. I know I could always take the ribbon off, but couldn’t add it if there was a ribbon on it if I decided not too.
People made there way in and I just stood looking at the tree. It had many comments.
I did take a video but it wouldn’t upload
Chuffed to say the least
I have to wait until July to get it but I have a days tuition booked so it will be started working on that day.
I’m unsure on the dead wood but I think it warrants cleaning up before considering removing
Very happy and very tired
Power nap time
Hope you like it

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