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I have been using jute string to help train my more showy barked maples. I was wondering if anyone had any methods for using wire on tree like this without getting scars. Most of the fireglows i have do so well and i try to use a clip and grow format for them much like the chinese styles. But i am wodering if i might get a better styling with wire i am just afraid to take the wire to the bark as it seems to scar easy... And my trees look a bit odd when they have jute strands holding branches down and in place. I lose some enjoyment out of the trees due to this. I chose jute based on it is a strong fiber it does not constrict when wet and hold knots very well. I have never had an issue with it scarring the tree either. Has anyone else used just to teather a tree down before?? Or seen and perhaps would wiring be a better option?
Put on raffia first, then wire the tree. Tie downs get you one directional change, wire will make that many times more. You want movement in the horizintal and verticle directions.

Scarring comes from leaving the wire on too long, or less than good wiring skills, practice makes perfect.
Ditto what Bll said. Tie downs of any sort should be used in combination with actual wiring of the branches. Tie downs are mostly used to simply lower a branch in one dimension. They put no other kind of realistic movement in. Detailed wiring can only do that, as can clip and grow (but only to a certain extent). I've seen some pics of extensive intricate tieing back of branches to produce multdirectional movement, but the results looked, well, kind of strange.

Trees that use only tie downs tend towards even, uniteresting and monotonous "rainbow" curves.
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