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Butler Pennsylvania
Just received a new field grown pine last week with the intention of making a shohin when I ordered it. Once the tree arived I’ve been considering maybe kifu size. Besides being a member of the forum I haven’t been able to make it to any local club meetings or meet anyone who share my hobby besides all you lovely people. I like this material, and have ideas I’ve been thinking about, but I have a hard time when it comes to design. The first branch is very low and ready to start being shaped into a pad, but there’s a piece of dead wood right between the branch and the tunk. (Circled in picture) I’m not sure how to include in design. I was thinking a cool jin If possible, or maybe carve out a nice crater in it, or removing most of it then bending branch up more and maybe a smaller twin trunk? I’m very open to suggestions. Thank you for your time. For your patience I give you the tree


Brian Van Fleet

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B’ham, AL
This is very tough to sort out, but if I am seeing it correctly, it looks like you have a good low branch that you need to nurture, and some long, leggy branches that you can reduce. Red lines are where I’d make cuts, yellow line is sacrifice branch, and green lines are permanent branches (assuming I am seeing it right). The top green line shows the next section of trunk.

I think your A view is probably the best front, based on the base and trunk movement, although you may need to adjust the final planting angle so it’s not falling away from you. If you make the pruning cuts in red now, you may get some back-budding, and then take some new photos. Take them from the same position, height, same distance, etc, but turn the pot 90 degrees for each shot.

It’s going to take a couple years to begin developing this into a good Bonsai, and is best to start by finding the best base, best taper and movement, and then developing the supporting branch structure.
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