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I picked up two kishu junipers from Chikugo-En this summer. The other tree has more character so I am saving it to wire last this fall once I've gotten my hands dirty with the others. I've never had the chance to work on a juniper that was this ready to be styled as I've mostly worked small shimpakus with sparse foliage without a need to remove much of anything. Needless to say this is a little daunting. This fall, I went ahead and thinned and removed about 25% of the foliage and wired it into a basic shape. I will probably need to come back next fall and re-wire as I didn't do the greatest job, although there is still time this fall to continue wiring. The apex is a bit of a challenge for me as there is a lot going on up there and its is difficult to get my hands in there to wire. My basic novice approach with this tree was to remove weak growth, and reduce the ends to two pairs of growing tips. In some cases I left three. The apex I have kind of taken a pause on before moving forward further. I didn't wire out every last branch. I wouldn't say I'm finished wiring/styling this tree for the fall, but I think it looks okay for now. I placed the drop branch in there just for the sake of it as I thought it created a more pleasing image for now but it might get jinned in the future. Obviously my wiring is critique worthy, but I'm just curious on other opinions if you'd remove more foliage, move or remove some branches, etc. My plan is to half bare root this in late spring and get it in a container. The soil it is currently in is very sandy.

Would love to hear thoughts, concerns, ideas, etc.

Thank you!

The tree as received
Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 6.15.53 PM.png

After wiring (intended front is the first image, the other angles show some of the lack of design experience lol)
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