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Norwalk, CA
Can anyone ID this knob cutter?

I think it could be a Masakuni but I have my doubts about it..:)


I am no expert on tools. All I can tell you is there is the reading for this Kanji. First Character is Pure read as 清 Kiyoi or Suga, Shin and other readings as well.

Second character is 鶴 Tsuru or kaku (at least I think that is the other reading for the character) (My source)

Does Masakuni have specific names for certain tool lines? These are not the characters for Masakuni.
It is almost certainly pronounced kiyotsuru. There is a famous sake brewer in the kansai area with the same name. BTW, beside kiyo, the most frequent reading of 清 is sei.
Thanks folks,

I found a Korean website where they are selling this very same tool for around $75-$80 dollars. I just want it to make sure it was worth it what I pay for it out of ebay and mostly to be sure it is a good user tool :D
Judging from the outline and the rivet, this is a product of SUWADA.

SUWADA tool is distributed under various brand names.

Kikuwa, Kaneshin, Yoshichu, for example.

Suwada (manufacturer)

Kikuwa (distributor)

Kaneshin (distributor)

These tools are exactly the same.

cf. (previous post about tool manufacturer)

I think the brand in question should read Kiyo-zuru.

This name may be an indirect mimicry of Chiyo-zuru,
a Japanese legendary tool craftsman.
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