Literati California Juniper

Mike Page

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I've been working on this Cal Juniper to further refine the angle of the drop, some removal of deadwood at the base to further slim up the trunk, and wiring of the foliage branches.

I acquired the Cal Jun near 30 years ago. Over those years it's undergone many changes, but none so drastic as when I decided to go the literati route.

I'll be looking for a proper pot for it so I can repot in the fall potting season.

OK folks, have at it. I fully realize I'm "pushing the envelop" (whatever that means) with this tree.

BTW the height is about 34 inches including the pot.



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Dramatic tree.
My first thought was that the foliage was too perfectly horizontal.
Then the contrast hit me.
I don't know any way to make it a better bunjin.
It's a universe of complexity disguised as simplicity.

I love it. I'm a huge fan of sharply bent literati like this. One thing though.... The jin on the inside of the bend almost makes it look like a handle or something. Is just the camera angle in this case?
Hi Mike,

You asked for it.....;)

I like the trunk line. Very dramatic and dynamic as a literati trunk should be. However the foliage design is lacking the same dynamism as the trunk. Based on the other trees of yours I have seen I know this way of styling is your preference. However, I believe a more dynamic foliage design would flow better with the trunk. In this case I would consider creating foliage that is struggling to grow back up. Let the story of the trunk line continue. As you have it now it reminds of a tree that will be dead soon or has recently been damaged by it's environment. Of course, my personal preference would say go with a classic triangular branch structure with more than one "pad" to create depth. But, I think you could achieve the same goal of dynamic movement without going completely "classical"...which is probably your goal.

Either way it is a nice tree to ponder. Thanks for sharing it!
First, very nice tree! Thanks for posting the picture.

Second, and since you asked ... I see a clash between the look of the trunk and the look of the foliage pad. The trunk, while vertical, isn't exactly vertical, and has much movement. (Very pleasing to the eye, at least mine.) The foliage structure is exactly horizontal, tidy, with no movement I can see in the pic.

I think Ryan and I are saying much the same thing, in different words.

Still, this is a tree to stop you in your tracks for a few moments. :)
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