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Great trees!!! Will have to read it more later. Thanks for the post.

Occasionally I travel down the road to Margaritaville and stop at YOUTUBE to visit with Five for Fighting, 100 years. There is a massive, what looks like, California Liveoak in the video that is one of my study trees. Most all of us have our favorite trees to look at and admire but how many "study" trees are out there. Thanks for posting Mark!
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Great trees - I really like the "live oak" style in bonsai, and am trying to acheive it in some of my shohin trees. Thanks for the link.
The thing I love about old Southern live oaks is not really the spreading limbs (although they are spectacular), but the roots.

I've been to all these sites and have seen these same trees. What doesn't get in photos are the carpets of exposed roots around them. They undulate like snakes underneath the tree. It's a feature that doesn't usually get incorporated into live oak style bonsai...

Also, the outer lower branches sag so much that many have re-rooted in the ground at their very tips, acting kind of like tethers on an elephant--they're not tropical aerial roots, but similar...
You are right, those roots are just as impressive, or even more so, than the rest of the trees.

The ficus bonsai comes to mind, the ones grown in Taiwan, with the massive roots.
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