Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MACH5, Oct 1, 2017.

By MACH5 on Oct 1, 2017 at 7:34 PM
  1. MACH5

    MACH5 Masterpiece

    Northern New Jersey
    Visit me at M5BONSAIWORKS.com

    Lots of new work and a new shopping page. See you there! :)

    Sergio (AKA MACH5)

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MACH5, Oct 1, 2017.

    1. Microscopic
      RMJ #03 got my attention ;).

      Nice clean site, I like it!.
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    2. barrosinc
      Selling the hinoki?!!! Why??
    3. MACH5
      Thanks Microscopic!

      NOTE: I should mention that in order to best appreciate the site, one should look at it on a wide screen such as Mac laptop, desktop computer or similar and NOT on an iPhone to other portable devices when possible. The site's interface gets highly affected by these devices.
    4. MACH5

      I think this is a good tree but I am looking for bigger collected material.
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    5. coh
      Looks really good, nice to see all the trees and some detailed info about them in one place.
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    6. Paradox
      I agree with coh. Very nice website
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    7. sorce
      My tablet is a bit slow this morn....

      It is ok.....

      I can find just as much enjoyment in the cover photo alone!

      Have I mentioned how dope that is?

      Hey Sergio! We got another part Cuban on our Baseball team this year....and guess who the only other one to homer has been?

      Hell yeah!

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    8. Giga
      Great site - and great garden as always.
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    9. MACH5

      Thanks sorce. LOL we Cubans like our baseball for sure. I am no exception! Baseball.... and drag racing are big in Cuba now.
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    10. MACH5
      Thanks guys! The website has been up for some time. I just added some new work and made some changes.

      I wanted a site that was clean, bold and easy to navigate, devoid of any unnecessary clutter while making sure the content was robust. Too many sites out there that look very cliche to me, with Japanese-like imagery and obvious Asian inspired typography. I wanted to avoid all that.
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    11. jriddell88
      You go above and beyond , simply superb!
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    12. Paradox

      Yes keep it simple. Much less annoying for people to navigate.

      Why you giving up on the scots pine?
    13. MACH5
      Sandy, I've been making some hard decisions as what to keep and what to let go as I am constantly looking to have the best trees I can within my means. I cannot keep everything. Good tree that has lots of great potential. Trunk is awesome. It will need grafts I think to speed up its development.
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    14. Fonz
      Damn, those are some great trees and awesome pics. Love the maple forest!
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    15. JudyB
      As usual it has the unmistakable M5 stamp on it. Clean and clear in direction...
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    16. Martin Sweeney
      Martin Sweeney
      Nice site. See you in December?

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    17. MACH5

      Thanks Martin. Yes I will see you in December.
    18. berobinson82
      Absolutely amazing. Such a clean and functional site. Of course we've marveled at your photography for years. The star of the show; the beautiful trees with multiple pictures throughout the seasons. Top job, Sergio!

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    19. MACH5

      Thank you B! Much appreciated! :)

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