Maple in June

Eric Group

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Columbia, SC
Looks super healthy! Any pics that show the trees in this group?


Nonsense Rascal
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Berwyn, Il
Oh June!

Another one in the books huh?!

What happened!



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Central Europe
Bush forest. Can't wait to see them in autumn 2015 without leaves.


Imperial Masterpiece
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Nashua, NH U.S.A.
No. With maples I usually layer a bunch of sphagnum over the top of fresh soil then top with Akadama. I site almost everything I have in full sun so it helps to keep the roots a bit cooler. The mix used for this repot included some Turface, pine bark, a little gravel and I might have used some lava. I can't remember!!

Transitioning to a less organic mix was my plan, but the watering demands are getting out of hand!!
Back to the drawing board as this one needs a repot next spring.
I'm gonna need a bigger boat for this, deeper too......could end up costing me a fortune!!!
I think I'll ask hometeam about a commissioned piece!!!


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Northern New Jersey
I am guessing you want to get a deeper container to keep trees from drying out? I think this forest (most do) would look great with a shallow and wide container. Deeper will make it look too heavy and detract from the thin trunks. But sometimes we must do what we must. Better to have live trees than not!


Imperial Masterpiece
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Nashua, NH U.S.A.
I agree a thinner container adds to the image. Horticultural needs, as well as my growing area, demands something a little deeper.
Location options are a bit limited, but I think next summer I'll look into some shade cloth or something similar.
I rent a side of a friends house and his wife has certain "expectations" about the display area.:rolleyes:
He container grows as well, so I'm moving slyly in the background, pushing her boundaries.

Thanks for commenting!! :cool:

More than likely, the next container will only be wider and longer....
Not sure if I could be able to find what I'm looking for......
Wonder how much a Yamafusa this size would cost?:eek::eek::eek::oops::rolleyes:
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