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I saw this on the bonsai study group forum, thought you should all have a chance to catch this sale...

The following is copied from a post on that site.

UPDATE: I took a look yesterday, (1/9) and he has listed with pictures a large number of very nice pots.

The time in my life has arrived where I realize that I have JUST too many trees!! I am selling trees at very reduced prices to help me get to my goal of FEWER trees. Would you please be kind enough to share this with your club members?

If time permits I plan to list all trees and pots on my web site.

The listing process has begun! I must let you know you that I have so many things they might not get listed. If you are close enough to my nursery please call for an appointment to look at things close up-pictures do not do things justice! 919-753-8331

I am also including trees in my field at reduced prices and Japanese Imports. Field trees can be dug until sometime in March. Field grown trees include: Junipers.Tridents.Elms, to name a few.

Letting you know that I am no longer able to accept credit cards or paypal.

Thank you for your time and energy!


Pots are from many potters

Cochoy-Horst-Albright-Erin-Tokanome-just to name a few

Not sure how long inventory will last so I would think the earlier the better if you want something.

If there is something special I will TRY to take a photo and send it to you. I will do my best to accommodate your club members.

Yours in Bonsai

Steve Pilacik

Matsu Momiji Nursery
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