Melaleuca (bracteata I think)


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Rosh Pinah, Namibia
Hi All

I know there are some Aussies here:), hope you can help...

There was a small local bonsai exhibit recently, and there were a few Melaleuca bonsai that really caught my eye.
There are a few growing around town, I always liked their look but could never identify them, now I know they work for bonsai.....

And then on Saturday I found some in a nursery.....:eek:

To be frank, I out of money, out of pots, and out of space....but I still want more.

Before (if) I buy, I would like to find out specifically about their roots:
1) Can they be bare rooted?
2) How well do they handle root pruning?

The nursery trees are little over 1m tall with and pruned in lollipop style:mad:, I could see they back-bud, and there were a few with lovely trunks - just need to know what I can manage with the roots.

There was also "flowering crab apples" in the same row, one had an amazing base, but 1xMalus$$$=2xMelaleuca$$$:rolleyes:, and in recent threads the tendancy toward pests on Malus makes it easier to ignore it and go for the Melaleuca.

I recently killed the best part of 10 nursery trees, I've never been that bad before, and I need to end this streak.......

Thanks in advance...

PS: The exhibit was by the local club, please don't ask why I didn't ask them, and why I'm not a member. I tried, I failed, and I thank my lucky stars quite frankly - I'm allergic to politics, especially outside government.:cool:
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