Merry Christmas!!!


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Time to look back over the past year and reflect how much we have all done and achieved and see how much fun we have had doing it!

First and foremost many Thanks to Bnut for all he has done to handle the rowdy crowds that have swarmed him when BT went down...Not an easy task... You have handled it very well my son and friend! You run your forum with a gentle hand and a give them enough rope to hang themselves before you slam the iron down on them. You are always ready to make changes to make this site run mo better :D....

What the future holds for any of us is always unclear, and the loss of any of our members here leaves a void in our community and our hearts....

Our future lies in our new members and the noobs just coming into the light of "The Bonsai Passion" and we all need to remember our first days of not knowing what the sam hell we were doing and be mo better at taking the time to guide them in the right paths.

As a friend used to say "I thought she would never leave".....(Behr will always be in my heart, I miss you you old fart!)
I thought I would add to this thread, and then decided not too for the time being. Reflecting on 2009 is more a NY thing IMO so I'll refrain from that for the time being. However...

Merry Christmas to all:)
Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from the mid Atlantic!!!! -Tink
Merry Xmas to all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!


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