Metro Maples In Fort Worth, Texas


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santa fe, new mexico
if your passing by Fort Worth Texas i recommend going to Metro Maples. they sell all kinds of Japanese maples and i think azaleas too. i don't have a link right now, so just google it if you want to check them out. they don't do mail or internet orders and thats about he only thing that's a downer. i came home from a vacation with 3 trees in the car, along with the wife and son. i think they have pretty good prices i bought 2 1gallon sized palmatums for $10 dollars each and a 3gallon sized Deshojo for $45 dollars. Scott, the guy that helped me, was very nice and their place, nursery, i don't know what to call it, was awesome. JM's all around me. it was Japanese Maple Heaven in Texas. and now i know every time i take the family to Fort Worth i will be coming back with a tree...or two.
and one more thing to point out. the Deshojo i got is on it's own roots! not grafted. i mentioned to Scott (the guy that helped me) that i might use it for bonsai and he said that when they have trees, that they usually graft, growing on their own roots, they put them aside just for people that want to do bonsai.
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