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Hello All,
I've posted this elsewhere but still feel the need to spread the news. I have been recently introduced to Microsoft OneNote (in Office 2007) by my wife and it has completely changed my bonsai journaling experience . It is a program that allows you to keep and easily access notes, pictures, etc within one "journal". Below is a picture of the journal that I have created. On the left you see tabs for "notebooks". You can see that I have separate notebooks for "Ted's Bonsai Journal" (which has all my trees), 2) Bonsai knowledge (which has articles and general things I have learned), etc. When you first open the program, the default for the tabs may be something like personal, business, work, etc.

What is visible in the screen shot is my bonsai journal. Across the top you can see tabs for each type of tree that I have. For example, the screen shot is for my note pages related to my baldcypresses. Along the right of the screen shot you can see another set of sub tabs. These are the tabs under my baldcypress notes which I am using to catalogue and tract each specific tree. As you can see I have three baldcypresses currently.

Now one of the great things about this program is the ease of note taking, adding pictures, etc. Unlike word, this program allows you to set your cursor anywhere on the writable area and begin a text box; whereas on word you have to continually press "enter" or "space" to get a couple lines down the page, with this program you just place your mouse over the area, click, and start typing. You can see in the picture there is a text box around my 2010 notes. This box can be moved wherever I want with ease. The picture next to it is created in a table. You create the table like you do in word and then just cut and paste the pictures. You can resize the pictures as you want and move them or the table just as easily as your do text. (If you want your pictures side by side, I suggest doing it in a table instead of mass copy and paste. From my limited experience it tends to paste them vertically and when you try to move them horizontally it starts moving the other pictures in weird ways)


So on my second notebook, I have Bonsai Knowledge. This houses knowledge gained from forums, websites, articles etc. What I have shown in the screen shot is my photography section. In that is grouper52's post on photography. Another great part of this is that any web acquired info that is cut and pasted to the note will have a hyperlink web address at the bottom of the paste so you can visit the original document.


It also syncs with Microsoft Outlook so you can set tasks and reminders for things you want to do in the future .


You can find a 60day trial of the program on Microsoft's website to test it out. However, if you have Office 2007, you already have it. I have been absolutely excited since finding this which means I get to sleep around 2am because I am busy cataloging and figuring out the best way to organize the info. Its easy to use and intuitive.I hope many of you try this and love it as much as I do. Now all I need is to have this available on the ipad (and I need to get an ipad :))

I have Office Professional 2007 but not OneNote. Is it not installed by default?

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Thanks for posting this info. One note always pops up on my desk top and I've never known what to do with it. This will be helpful. I will explore it more seriously.
I have Office2007 but not OneNote. Is it not installed by default?


I just checked Microsoft's website and apparently its only included on the "Home and Student" and the "Ultimate" suites.

Thanks for posting this info. One note always pops up on my desk top and I've never known what to do with it. This will be helpful. I will explore it more seriously.

No problem. It would keep popping up for me as well and I did not know what it was. Now I dont close it :)

Thanks. More wierd bundling choices from Bill Gates. BTW I just looked on EBay and OneNote is available there for $25-$30

I've been developing my own bonsai journal using OneNote. It's a great tool for keeping a lot of info in one place. It's very handy for integration with calendars and to do lists as well.
YES! ...and I though I was the only one:D. I have a tab across the top for each species, and then the tabs on the right hand side for each tree, with the first one for notes on care etc. Another good thing is that you can paste weblinks right into the text boxes, making it easy to go right to the website specific articles where you read information etc., for example the species pages.
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