Mikawa and Nishiki Seeds

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Please help :) I'm from Hawaii and our agriculture laws don't allow the shipping of pines. They DO allow seeds however. Would someone point me in the direction of a vendor, dealer or anyone with access to these seeds? I've tried ebay and several sites and only found common varieties. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ryan


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Hi Ryan. To live in Hawaii, such a problem...

The vendor bretts pointed out is good. I purchased seeds from him last year. Prompt delivery and nice seeds. The amount that sprouted were well within the amount that normally sprout.

Be aware there are no such thing as nishiki pine seeds. These cultivars must be asexually reproduced to carry on the traits of the parent plant. Mikawa seeds are common pine, and I believe they are regional seeds meaning harvested from a specific region in Japan.

You should order and get them started soon so you can take advantage of your long growing season. Best of luck.
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