Morceau Bonsai Union 2005 National Auction

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Morceau (Shohin) Bonsai Union 2005 National Auction

We have posted photos of 40 of the shohin that were auctioned in last year's Morceau Bonsai Union Auction in the photo galleries. You can see them here.

Note that our ability to translate Japanese is far from perfect. Some of the tree descriptions were fanciful (names like "Dragon Person") instead of species names. In some cases the common name used in Japanese was not the same as the common name in English. Please forgive us if some of the information is incomplete. We hope you enjoy the photos! Here is a direct link to the Shohin Bonsai Society (Japanese language only) with information about the 2006 auction (coming up in November).

(By the way if any of you ARE going to be in Japan and want more information on the auction, let me know and I will pass on English language documentation on the location, time, etc.)
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