Moving Trident seedlings


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Mooresville, NC - USA
Last year i bought 125 trident seedlings from heritage seedlings. They looked great when i got them . They were around 30" tall, and probably a little smaller than 1/4" thick. I made several forests, I put movement in a dozen or so singles, and planted them. Did a root over rock, and prepped a few more for root over rock, and still had 40 or so left. I planted them in rows in an area of my property that ive never planted before. Well, they arent growing as well as they could be, and i think i should move them to a more reliable place. I planted them in march of this year. When would be the best time to move them? Is it safe to move them during winter after they go dormant? Also, if anyone has any other projects i havent started, please give me some ideas. Id like to learn more about fusing several together to make a sumo trunk, or even like the fused nebari trees best. Thanks alot.

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Trident seedlings

You make no mention to how much sunlight they receive. As with most Japanese Maples they need morning sun and protection from the hot afternoon sun. What kind of soil did you plant them in? My Trident seedling are planted in the same soil I use for for bonsai. Maples don't like to be overly wet.

Peter Adams book on Maples will help you with the rest of your questions.
The are pretty shaded because of the surrounding trees, so i definately want to move them. I have prepared an area in full morning sun, and protected from the late afternoon heat. I planted another trident there this year, and it grew an additional 8' from the height it was. Im just not sure if i need to wait until spring to move them, or if i can work on it during the winter. Only the singles i had left are going to be moved, the others are growing great. I just have about 40 i want to relocate, or do something else with. Thanks for the input.
If you are just transplanting them, now is fine. If you are going to do extensive root work, it might be better to wait until late winter/early spring, right as the trees are breaking dormancy.

Cool, thanks for the input Dave. They have all lost their leaves, probably a week or two ago, so i thought it should be ok. Ill plant them out, then if i come up with any other ideas for them, ill start on that next fall or so.
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