It's pretty easy to make. Do you use akadama soil? If so, sift out and keep the real fine particles and mix it with peat moss (fiberous kind in like 1-2 inch strips), you can also thrown in some organic stuff like worm castings, etc. Mix it like one third of each with enough water until it gets like a playdough consistency. You use this stuff usually for slab plantings to make the border and root on rock compositions.
Thanks for the reply John. Tight now I am using about a 80/20 Turface, pine bark mixI never have to sift the fines as they just drain out rather easily, but I will start sifting now. Thanks, Joe
No, the fines from the turface will not clump together. I have tried that. Akadama is different. If you don't have it, then just get some clay from your local area, like from river banks. Let it dry first, then break it up and clean out the junk, then wet it and mix with peat fibers like what John Ruger said. Good luck.
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