Mugo Pine No.1


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ok so I was gifted this Mugo pine by my teacher as a thank you for the work I’ve been putting in since winter at the studio ... 🙏🏻.... I only structurally wired and lightly pruned only 20% foliage to the general direction I’m leaning toward. The copper wire was 10 gauge just on some heavy bends. I also cut branches where there was 3 or more shoots coming from a internode to keep the decent taper...
-A bit sappy-
The remaining buds I did not touch with a thousand foot pole since they will be left to grow in the summer. Once those elongate I’ll wire in fall and do some deadwood work on the right side of the treee.
I think it has some good potential , I’m excited to see what direction this tree takes me. It’s my first real challenging piece of material.. I’ll receive some assistance repotting this next year once I can handle Mugo’s better , and to promote some ramification on the lower trunk where I’m really putting my money on as the final design... this is a learning experience for me.
the long branch that is guy wired , I know it may be stupid, but if I can get this bend to stick, I may use some raffia this fall to make a heavier more acute bend... or completely cut it off, it can serve as a sacrifice branch but if I cut it ... it’ll leave a bit scar since the trunk is old gnarly and cracked already.
im stoked to put this in a pot next spring.. or next summer depending how it goes and if it’s strong enough.
The deadwood work I’m also chomping at the bits for fall to get here.. I have monster carbide burs and a small Jin knife .. then do some ink/ lime sulfur stain.
so as a question , what direction do you think this best.. Repotting next year and then deadwood.. or deadwood work / finishing wire this fall depending on the growth and repot in late winter /spring keep in the greenhouse. It’s going to have a big rootball so I’ll have to use a big deep pot , but the angle is where I want it.

. I won’t fertilize till candle sheaths harden off.. I’m going with a organic 10-10-10 cake , then fish emulsion in fall.

also , be honest , it’s my first Mugo ... I know it’s shitty but hey I’m learning and just appreciate the gift my teacher gave me.


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Leo in N E Illinois

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on the IL-WI border, a mile from ''da Lake''
Nice mugo. Sounds like a good plan. Next time you take photos, please use a neutral background, it is difficult to make sense of what you have. Also the camera lens should be roughly level with the planned rim of the future pot and pulled back enough to see the whole tree. But, looks like in time this will be a nice twisted up little tree.

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