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Salt Lake CIty Utah
The most difficult scroll made to date...and that which I consider a masterpiece of design...You can see details of the design process at
I would love to see someone put this in a bonsai display without the tree losing to the scroll...But I don't think this customer is into bonsai...Just Asian Law and Art.
Sumie Flower with Shouken Scroll.jpg
Ceramic Jikusaki Green Blue Two Tone blog.jpg
Nice work! I really like the way the blossoms seem to jump off the scroll.
Thanks for the comments I am glad John, Woodguy and Bonsai Barry could enjoy the work....but just clarification I am not the artist of the sumi-e just the Hyougushi/Hyousoushi, framer, but Hyousou is considered an art in and of itself in Japan. I will ask customer who the Artist is so I can give them the appropriate credit. I hope they would be satisfied with how I have presented their artwork for view.

My sensei in Japan also sourced three beautiful cloths and this is the one that won out in the end...The Jikusaki I actually purchased about a year ago in hoping to find the perfect scroll to put them on and I think it found its home nicely.
but just clarification I am not the artist of the sumi-e

Customer says, "In the upper left corner the painting is “signed” Shi Lu and the gallery gave me a “certificate of authenticity” that it was painted by Shi Lu. There is no way that this is a genuine Shi Lu painting. (The real thing would have cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.) It’s not even in the style of Shi Lu. The most honest way of describing it is as a painting of peonies by an unknown artist, “signed Shi Lu”

So there you have it...
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