My 3in. seedlings stopped growing & Flame tree seed wont come up HELP!!


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Hello everyone! I am really hoping you guys can help me. Otherwise I am out of luck. I got Bonsai seeds in a package with fertilizer and cups for Christmas from my son. I love the thought of growing and having Bonsai tress. In this package and what I want to talk about is the (Pinus Aristata) or Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, (Picea Abies) or Norway Spruce and most importantly the (Delonix Regia) or Flame tree. Since they come with soil, cups, and instructions I did everything the way it said to do it. Now here is my problem. The first two Bonsai's mentioned and all 5 seeds in each container that I planted started coming up. They got to about 3 inches and stopped growing. They have been in this state now without growth for like 3 months. Their not dead. Just not growing. O.K. and for the last one. My Flame tree. It didn't come up at all. After several months and after I fertilized it once just in case it needed it I dug the seeds out to see if they were still there or if they disintegrated. Well, I dug out the two big ones and it appears that the other 3 that were planted I guess disintegrated because they are not there anymore. But the two seeds I dug out looked like they weren't touched. They look the same way as when they went in. I started thinking maybe it didn't get enough water? But the other 3 must have because they decomposed or whatever. I am so frustrated. I have been at it since the beginning of February. That is when I planted them. The first two look really good. They started building their first little green branches off the stem. But then like I said just stopped. I have them in a window that has the most light in my house. However, not direct sun light. I make sure that their soil doesn't go completely dry because they are so young still. And are still only seeds for the one. But I don't soak them or anything. What do I do? Or what can I do? Does anyone have a flame tree that they started as a seed? Should I start over with the flame tree seeds and put them in new fertilizer? Is there a way to start getting roots by putting the seeds in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel like you would with bean seeds to get the roots started? And then plant them when they get some roots growing out of the seed? Should I start all 3 of them over with new fertilizer? I live in zone 8b or 9a I can't tell which one on the map. But according to what I read they should be fine. And why did the others just stop growing yet are not dead. Am I being too impatient? It's just they seem to grow at a steady fast rate at first and then just stopped all together. So I don't know. Any help would be appreciated. I really want to show my son some day the trees he gave me for Christmas. And I love plants and trees. I have many. I would like to think I have a green thumb.
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that's only 3 months. Its not magic, show some patience. Maybe the germination for the flame tree is longer or you maybe got some dud seeds. I am watching some yellow pine seedlings in the ground and they seem to come and go with growing here.


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You’re being impatient and they should be outside in the sun. They won’t be getting enough light through a window. Don’t kill them with kindness.


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OK so someone gave me one of those box'o'bonsai for xmas. I popped them in the pots and my 1 regia sprouted a maybe 2 weeks later. about 6 months later after I had repotted twice another seed sprouted that just happened to cling on in the repotting.

Also fun fact, they actually are a bean so yeah, if you like germinating them like you have done with other beans it should work fine.

If they stopped growing, you should try repotting them. The pines I'm not sure about but the jacaranda mimosifolia doesn't like hitting the bottom of the pot as a seedling.

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