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Nipomo, CA
I just got this pot, curious to see what you think of it? It's shohin size, made by Tousui in Tokoname, Japan. Not sure of the age.


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Nice, it would look great with a Shohin size Japanese maple or other deciduous type with light bark.
How about a closeup of the chop for all of us?

I love this pot. Nice shape and one not seen often. The only thing I don't like is that awfull inturned lip. I have a few like that and they are dreadful for getting plants out of.

Got something to put in it and a photo?

I also like this pot. It's got some nice patina starting to form!
There are two things however, Tousui is a Seto-ware potter, not Tokoname, like his father and uncle, both also very famous potters. The other thing is, I don't recognize this chop as the modern Ryukujan Tosui, so it could be his father, the patina definitely looks it.
Thank you very much for the replys. I really don't know enough about pots, and was just going off what I was told by the person who purchased this for me in Japan. Thanks for the info GastroGnome.

Yes, smoke I agree about the in-turned lips. I dislike them as well, harder to get trees out of. I'll get some pics up soon.
Not sure if you can see this very well, but this is the chop. I'm sure it's not facing the right way.


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Its turned the right way. This might be Watanabe Kazuhiro.
Definitely not Kazuhiro, either in his original 4 Character cartoony stamp, or the later 3 when "Kazuhiro" was misread in the hanko by a dealer as "Ikkou," which became the popular name for his pots, so he changed it to Ikkou.
The first two characters in this Chop read Tosui, so im inclined to believe your dealer, the second two I'm not sure.
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