My Posts aren't Working #38

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I have been trying to get this resolved for over a week
now... Been trying to be nice and patient.

My posts aren't showing up, for others to read.
When I post, they are not showing up in newly
posted, or today's post.
None of my posts are showing up when one views
the site as a guest.
When I try to send private messages, they are not
Only when I post a new thread does it show up.

I have sent now 6 messages to the Contact Us link at
the bottom of the site, have heard nothing, sent
two private messages, before I realized they didn't
work. And now I am posting an Twelth thread post,
(2 in feedback and suggestions, and 36 here)
seeing that this seems to be the only way I can
possibly communicate...

Can you please make these work.
Stacy Allen Muse
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