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Northern California
Wasn't sure if this should go here so move it if needed.

I put together a blog showing my latest pot creations and matching them up with my plants. I don't remember if I said this before but I don't do traditional trees, I'm more into succulent plants and xeric trees using traditional bonsai techniques to stage them.

Without further a do, have a look(link is below) and let me know what you think.
looks good ketoi, but don't forget to post stuff here too.

I am thinking about building a website, a myspace page or starting a blog to document some of my pottery work.

Thanks Boon, I will still post photos here of my finished pieces and other things of interest.

Right now I'm working on staging plants in some of recent creations for a C&S show this weekend
Really nice blog. I like the texture on your scoops.
I thought the legs were a nice touch. We see so many legless ones. Maybe you just need to find the right legs. I was thinking something more earthy like tree limbs or trunks.
Great blog though and a wonderful history of Mr. Potatoe. :)

Nice blog and some very interesting plant material.

What ever happened to the oval pots?

Thanks Paul!

The small oval (13in) is bone dry, have been testing some glazes so I have not finished it yet. The larger one(18in) cracked in the bisque fire. The slab built oval I made the same size made it out in one piece.
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