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I metioned this a while back in a thread on the Potomac Bonsai Association's show and sale.

The National Bonsai Foundation is holding a potter's competition. The details are here:

http://www.bonsai-nbf.org/site/images/container/Purchase Award Container Competition.pdf

The competition is for new container for a big Atlas Cedar in the Arb's collection. The NBF is looking for designs only for the competition. The pot will be commissioned from the winning design. Designs are due in August.

The NBF has noted the pretty dramatic increase in U.S. potters turning to bonsai containers in the last five years or so and thought the time was right for another competition. A big pot from Ron Lang was recently selected to house one of the collections' more notable California junipers.

The arboretem had a competition for potters a number of years ago, which drew both experienced bonsai potters and a few "non-bonsai" potters. All the pots in the last competition were acquired by the Arb and 've seen many of them used in seasonal displays in the bonsai collection over the years.

If you do bonsai pots, I urge you to participate. It's a great place to showcase your work.
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