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Hi Everyone,
I have nine rather large collected Ponderosa's I just claimed from the Colorado Mountains last week. They have all been potted in wooden training boxes but I would like to pot them in a proper container as soon as possible. Canyou know recommend any websites that sell large mica or plastic pots? These need to be at least 14 inches and maybe 6 inches deep. Thanks, Dave;)
Maybe try buying anderson flats? They are relatively inexpensive, can be cut to fit your rootball, and I've seen Rocky Mountain tree collectors use them.
I need some large pots as well. Probably 20" diameter by 6" deep.
I need 3 of them. I am thinking about making a mold and using hypertufa.
The alkalinity worries me though.
Our club has made slabs for forests with a vinyl patch cement no apparent issues, and not really heavy.
What you need right now are the wooden grow boxes. Buy some lumber, and keep making the boxes to fit the rootballs. They can stay in them until the wood rots away, and then probably still for a couple more years. (If you're lazy) Pots are expensive, and there isn't any rush. Learn your trees, make some major pruning desicions, and then evaluate what size and shape pots you may need. Some may still need training pots, some may be ready for a much more permanent home. If you spend time with them, they will tell you what they need.

Get the anderson flats to use for the initial planting after collection. Pumice seems to work well.

how large do you need? I have large pots up to 60". Shoot me a pm or email me if you are serious about it.
Hey Don....what a small world. I grew up just down the road from you in Niles ! My dad actually was born in Dowagiac. I visited your website and it's great. Dave
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Mark Gordon, a bonsai potter in North Carolina, makes a variety of
shapes and sizes, and has shipped cross-country.
and he can be reached at

Attached are three of my bonsai in Mark's pots. The Weeping Bald Cypress pot is 21 1/2" wide, 16" across and 4" deep.

The other bonsai are an Autumn Olive Cascade and a Virginia Creeper Cascade.


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