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Cental Coast of California
This spring I bought this JBP from Muranaka's Bonsai nursery. It was growing in the field at the time. A couple of the major branches have ends that were trimmed in past years and bunches of branches have grown where the cut was made at the end of the branch creating some swelling at the branch tip. What is the best way to deal with that problem? I haven't done anything to the tree since it was dug up in March, and plan to leave it alone until next Spring.

Any suggestions?


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Are there options further in along the branch you can train out to be the new branch?
This also help with some taper on the branch instead of a long fairly taperless branch like you get when growing a tree out.
I would remove all the old needles and thin down the buds or candles to 2 sets where they emerge from the branches. I would probably leave 5 to 7 needles per branch on the top of the tree and 7 to 9 sets on the bottom. This will allow more light to the center of the tree and should spur some new buds. This is a field grown tree and should have a lot of vigor to pop new buds. When I have a new black pine with a rough set of buds where 4 or 5 sets were allowed to grow out I go in and thin it to two and eventually remove it when something happens further in to the trunk. It should turn out to be a nice tree.

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