New Cork Bark Elm


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San Jose, CA
Just picked this up last weekend from a gentleman who is moving back to Europe this Summer and unfortunately had to sell his collection. It has a four inch base and is close to 18 inches in height. Next Spring I plan to get it out of the plastic training pot and into a nice quality pot.


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Man, that is one ugly tree.

It should make a beautiful bonsai, what are your plans?

Nice old cork bark. The bark shows great age, to keep it in good shape try real hard to keep moss from growing at the base of the trunk. Over time it will cause the corky bark to rot away.
With some careful pruning I thin this will be a very nice tree.
We've had some real hot weather out here in California the past week and I plan to slowly remove the moss to help with keeping the soil moist through out the day. I'll replace it with shifted sphagnum moss once we get back to our normal temps.

I have to remove a large back branch that is too high up on the trunk for its size, fortunately there is a smaller brach that can be grown out to a more appropriate size just above it. Next Spring it will go into a more appropriate pot as well.
Very nice! It seems to maybe suffer from a bulge or slight reverse taper in the section just before the apex begins to take shape (maybe just an optical illusion from the photograph). Have you thought about changing the trunk line?
It actually has really nice taper from bottom to top. The bulge is from the lighting and angle of the picture.
I guessed as much! Very nice! The plating on the bark is massive
An update on an old thread that I started a few years back. Been working on creating more taper in the branches with some hard cuts a few years ago. Dug back the long spring growth to two sets of leaves on most branches and left a few sacrifices long to increaevgirth where needed.


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I like the trunk, but imagine that the ramification would look better if it started closer to the trunk.

I know nothing about elms like these. Could it be pruned hard like Japanese maples or thread grafted? Is the bark a problem?
During 4-5 years it really doesnt look like its progressed much:confused:confused:
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