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Greensboro, NC
I decided to listen to the advice that I was given, about starting off with an elm and a trident maple. I havn't found the right trident yet, but here is the Elm that I got. Overall, I'm very pleased with it (especially for the price that I ended up paying).

But, I did have a few questions:

1. The temps have dropped suddenly. Nights are getting close to freezing (although not there yet). Last week was in the 80's here, and I think in the next two weeks it might get back into the 70's. Should I bring it inside for the cold spell?

I read that the elms do fine in sub-freezing temps, but too cold becomes an issue (which I don't think will be a problem in NC).

2. I lifted it out of the pot, and it seems very root bound (natural for the size of the tree and the size of the pot, I get that, but so much so that the roots are almost pushing up on the tree). Even though I just got it should I be considering repotting it soon?

3. Should I put it back in the same pot, or give it a little bit more room to grow in, i.e. move it to the other pot?

4. I read that elms do better in shade, or part sun. Is that true?

If so, I may need to consider building some type of shade structure. The only feasible place for me to put my bonsai is next to my front door, which gets a good amount of sun. If the elm needs part shade, I'll need to build a structure to provide it. Any suggestions for something easy?

I appreciate all of the help. I'm rather new at caring for an "established" bonsai.

I was considering letting it grow out a bit this spring, then trimming back some of the branches and growth, and wiring it in the early to mid summer. Does that timeline sound right, or should I be wiring sooner?
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Greensboro, NC
Forgot the pics, sorry.


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Since I'm not from NC others can correct me if I'm wrong. I would not be affraid to take it out of that small pot if it's already full of roots. You can root prune and repot it into the larger one ( check with your local bonsai club to see if its too late in NC to repot, I doubt it ). I think its still early enough in the season to repot.

Once it has recovered from repotting you can slowly move to full sun. I live in Iowa and my elms love full sun all summer long. Tridents I keep in partial shade.
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