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I have a JWP thats a graft it's been in a Vance Wood growing pot for about a year and I want to let it grow more my question is should I pinch the candles or let them alone til I ready to style and keep the tree at a certain height and thickness?
"I want to let it grow more"

Hello there and welcome.
Can you elaborate alittle on what you mean by letting the tree grow more? Are you going for trunk thickness? Taller tree, longer branches, more branches ie: back budding?

Whatever plans you have for the future of your tree will determine the next step and how to go about it. A picture may help as well. Sometimes it's easier to describe the work you plan with a picture for folks to see where your going.

I need my tree to grow up it is only a couple years old so height and girth are the main areas needed to change.


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Nice looking tree. The real joy of using this type of material is that the future is wide open to you. Instead of buying a tree already pre trained and older, you get to decide style, size ect.

I won't try to reinvent the horse since there is so much out there already written. Your first stop should be Brent Walston's site. He is simply amazing and has taken the time to write several articles to help people with their Bonsai. His stock is top notch as well.

Here's an article he wrote on developing trunks. Check out the section on growing a sacrifice leader.

After that you'll want to click on the Articles link at the top of the page and see the many articles he has written. A couple hours spent on Brent's site can save you years of trial and error.

Hope this helps.
I like the looks of this tree! I have a soft spot for JWP (tried again and again to grow them from seeds) and finally just ordered a cutting grown 'Zuisho' from Julian Adams. Good luck! I'd like to see this one in a few years.

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