New source for coarse haydite/expanded shale


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2 gallons, weighs about 15 lbs. $4.10 in my market. Largest particle size for this sort of thing I've seen thus far (I've not seen Permatill or Soil Perfect).

New Earth Exp Shale.jpg

I was able to break ONE piece with my fingers, but none of the other pieces I tried to break were breakable by me. Not even one that looked even thinner than the one that I was able to break.

I haven't wetted it yet nor got to the bottom of the bag. It does not appear to be particularly dusty. Some pieces are roundish, most of the larger pieces are irregularly shaped. All of my screening stuff is still packed somewhere in a box in the garage so I can't verify how much is usable but it sure looks like a lot, especially compared to Napa 8822 or Dry Stall (crushed pumice which no longer seems to be available outside of CA any more).

FYI for those interested (and who have a HEB nearby).
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