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Citrus Heights, CA
Hello all!!!!

My name is Steven Bear Im 27 and have been doing Bonsai for 11yrs now. My nickname is an offbranch of my DJ nickname (which orginates from a brazilian nickname I was given) Moleque. mo-leh-key, means mischievous kid (and many other miscreant youngen terms) in portuguese. 2 winters ago (2005) I lost most of my collection except, amazingly, for my first 3 Trees to some major downpours and flooding. a mallsai, a Broadleaf maple and a pomegranate. I will be taking updated "start of summer" pics this weekend hopefully. the rest are cuttings and seeds that are coming along ok wether they become trees or grafting stock is up to how they develop further.

Ive been to many seminars around town and studied with Hiroshi Matsuda from Newcastle. I am a member of the American Bonsai Association Sacramento (when Im able to go lol) and the American Bonsai Society.

Nice to meet you all!

Errr, Pome is 20, Broadleaf is about 13 and the mallsai...might be 13 as well...
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Welcome to the site! I think Central California is just about the best place in the U.S. to have bonsai. The weather is perfect, you can grow cold-hardy species, you avoid the rain of the NW :), and you have lots of mountains close by :)

I look forward to the photos!
Welcome to the nut house!:D BonsaiNut house that is.

OK heres some new pics. Please keep in mind that last year was a recovery period for my Pome and broadleaf, the mallsai is same as it was just bushier. so Now that its a new year and things are looking great so I started collecting and rebuilding stuff. Enjoy, the pictures range from March 2007 to Present day.
Bout time you joined us here Son!
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